Fundamentals of Lighting for Photographers

Lighting is very important in photography. No matter what type of digital camera you use. whether outdoors or indoors Correct lighting can make a huge difference in your shots. in other words Light brings your images to life. เช่าไฟสตูดิโอ

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Considering the face as the primary light source that should be placed at a 45-degree angle to the subject, the subject will then turn its head until its eyes are directed at the lens.

Background - This is one of the other areas. That can improve many do-it-yourself photo booths. A little attention to detail can be very helpful, such as straightening wrinkles, making sure they don't contain harmful elements. Make sure the background is stretched effectively, etc. Everything becomes easy.

One of the basic guidelines for setting a steady light is that the light shouldn't look boring. Light can be seen as a complement to your composition!

2) wide light as opposed to short light in wide exposure settings The side that exposes the most exposure is the one facing the cam. This setting is rarely used in photos because it makes people look fat. in any case You can place the reflector on the opposite side of the light. (at an angle of about 45 degrees) to complete the shadow side.

Let's take a lot of pictures. add better to reverse and "Restart" For large objects such as forklifts, zoom in and zoom out the features. while standing from the same area For small objects such as microwave ovens, there is no need to zoom in and out.

Remember that when you make your own cosmetics The heat from light and bright portraits tend to make your skin more radiant.

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