Simple video lighting that looks awesome

In this article we’ll show you some simple video lighting techniques. Namely we’ll show you how to do a three point light setup. This is the most basic lighting configuration. Using this setup will ensure you and your camera have ample light to expose with. เช่าไฟ led

Smartphone cameras are very powerful. Some photographers have gone as far as to say that they take better video than pro-DSLRs. But whatever device you’re using, arguably the most important thing to manage while filming is light.

What is simple video lighting?
Not everyone reading this is a professional. Chances are, you want to make a good looking video without tonnes of time and equipment. The simplest way to get a good looking video is to have the best lighting possible. We’re going to tell you how to best modify the light you have available.

What lights should I use?
The cheapest, most simple video light setup we’ve discovered involves 3 Neewer LED Camera Lights and 3 cheapo 7 foot light stands from Amazon. These lights run off double A batteries and are very powerful considering their size. They don’t need direct power, don’t get hot and each light is low in cost. Each light comes with a set of filters that make them usable with different colour temperatures. เช่าฉากถ่ายรูป

The coolest thing about these lights is that you can use them with Sony and Panasonic Lithium Ion batteries, which takes an already powerful light and makes it even brighter. The only flaw is that they feel a bit flimsy compared to more professional lights. Still, if you want a powerful and compact lighting setup, these are some of the best lights you can use.

If you want to go even cheaper, you can use any existing standing lights. Just make sure you have matching colour temperature between the bulbs and have some diffusion material. The aim is to have the softest light possible.

Why is soft light important?
Soft light is desirable because it will light your subject without creating dramatic shadows. Lots of shadow on a subject’s face can look unflattering or too dramatic. Deep shadows would look great in a horror film, but it’s not good for what we want to make. There are a few different ways to achieve soft lighting, which include:

Putting some diffusion material in front of your lights. Actual diffusion paper works best, but any opaque white material works too (Some people use baking paper!).

Bouncing the light off some white material such as a reflector (In a pinch white cardboard and Styrofoam can be used as bounce cards).

A common trick, even amongst pro cinematographers, is to take a powerful light source and place it within a white paper lantern. You don’t have to go this far, but as long as the light isn’t too direct or harsh, your subject will be evenly lit.

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